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Personal Injury

Despite all of the precautions that you may take as a driver or a passenger in a vehicle, you may still be injured by the carelessness of another. By consulting with an experienced accident attorney, you will protect your interests and ensure that you are fairly compensated.

A person that is not at fault generally has the right to be compensated for any medical treatment, lost wages, property damage and pain and suffering that stem from the accident. Even if the driver who caused the accident is uninsured, we will help you explore other options that you may be unaware of.

Insurance companies are businesses.  The goal of most businesses is to make the most money for its owners.  Thus, an insurance company is interested in paying out as little as possible in order to preserve profits.  An experienced attorney can guide you in deciding whether a settlement offer is truly fair or unreasonably low.  Please feel free to take advantage of our free initial consultation before you speak with the other driver’s insurance adjuster.  Even if you decide not to retain our services, we believe that you will come away with useful knowledge that will assist you in maximizing your rights.

Our office does not accept every case.  If we do believe that you have a valid case, we will offer to represent you in every aspect of the process—from getting your vehicle repaired in a satisfactory manner to tracking the payment of your medical expenses.  Our fee is considered a “contingency fee” and is dependent on the amount that you recover.  In other words, we are not paid until and unless you are.  We do not charge for costs such as postage and photocopies, thus allowing you a maximized return.

In addition, we do not charge fees or a percentage for helping to you secure payment of your medical treatment or for arranging the repair of your vehicle.  We only earn a fee in recovering medical expenses when an insurance company, not you, agrees to pay our fee.  In the event that your case must be taken to trial, our office has the ability to forward costs such as filing fees and court costs.  The client is able to avoid the difficulties in financing a court case, where expenses alone can total thousands of dollars.  Naturally, our office will consult with you to determine the strength of your case prior to the advancement of any costs.