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Creditor's Rights

As a licensed, practicing attorney in the State of Oregon, our office is able to draft and tailor the most effective documents to recover your outstanding amounts.  While a collection agency requires an assignment in order to bring a civil action, an attorney is able to represent your interests directly in legal proceedings.  An agency may have an interest in collecting a debt to maximize their own fee, which may lead to prolonged telephone contact with escalating intensity that results in a debtor’s staunch refusal to pay. We believe that such tactics leads to a strained dialog that takes on a personal, rather than business-like tone.

In order to prevent this occurrence, we will perform  the minimal amount of telephone calls and correspondence in compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  After a failure to pay, we would, with your approval, file suit in order to timely recover the debt.  Our personalized service includes regular updates regarding the status of your account as well as immediate consultation regarding settlement agreements and their possible effects.

We provide simple, straightforward pricing that is competitive with comparable services of collection agencies you may have used previously or are currently researching.  Our fee does not increase with the age of the account or depend on whether a suit is filed.  If we fail to collect a debt, you are charged nothing.  In the event that a debtor is unable to be located through conventional means, we provide skip tracing and asset location on a cost basis—there is no mark up on services provided via a third party.
Under Oregon law, you may be entitled to recover the costs of the suit plus your attorney fees in a judgment against the debtor.   A judgment can be enforced against a defendant in several ways, including garnishments and liens.

Finally, in order to accomplish the goal of a creditor’s satisfaction, my office will not accept all submitted debts. If the cost/benefit analysis of collection on a particular debt puts the creditor at a disadvantage, we will not establish an attorney/client relationship.  The determination is based on different factors, including the age and amount of the debt, assets of the individual and applicable statutes of limitation. However, it may be possible to combine several small accounts owed by the same debtor into an amount that warrants the fees associated with collection. At a minimum, you will need to provide a copy of a proof of the debt in the event the debtor disputes the amount.

Please contact us for additional information or to submit your claim.