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A challenging aspect facing those who wish to utilize the legal system is the inability to secure affordable, competent legal representation.  The Law Office of Joseph M.V. Domingo, P.C. is dedicated to providing effective and compassionate legal assistance in many areas. 

The attorney provides advice and representation in general legal matters at the state and local level, including, but not limited to, personal injury, estate planning, collections, business law, real estate and landlord/tenant disputes.  

The office is licensed to serve clients throughout the State of Oregon, including the greater Portland, Salem and Eugene areas.


A client is ensured personal, exclusive attention to their matter where quality communication is the top priority.  The client can look forward to a unique legal experience where they will receive regular progress reports regarding their matter and the ability to directly contact the attorney to discuss relevant concerns at any time.  Since a legal matter does not simply disappear after business hours, telephone calls are forwarded to the private numbers of the attorney to ensure that clients receive around the clock attention when an important question arises.  We believe that an attorney should share your concerns as a valued client and should treat you accordingly.  Finally, we strive to return all telephone calls in less than one hour, and never more than one day.

Since we are committed to a client's interests, we provide non-traditional opportunities to meet in person regarding a legal matter, such as after-hour appointments at out-of-office locations convenient to the client.


We understand that individuals and businesses have limited resources to dedicate solely to legal issues.  The lower costs of maintaining a solo practice translates into savings for the client through reduced fees and rates for the equivalent representation provided by a larger law firm.  Our rates are competitive in the industry and include the possibility of deferred payment plans.  We maintain a conscious effort to reduce overhead spending that is traditionally passed on to a client. 

Our office does not charge a client for consultations, photocopies, long distance or clerical work such as “opening a file”.  A prospective client should always ask an attorney about costs that one may be responsible for.  Fee and cost arrangements should be addressed and the beginning of the attorney-client relationship and not be ignored until payment is requested.

We will discuss all options with a client to ensure that the legal matter is concluded with minimal cost and maximum benefit. 


The Law Office of Joseph M.V. Domingo, P.C. will not accept all matters.  In some instances, we may direct you to a more qualified attorney or simply advise you that a claim is unwise to pursue.  We refuse to subscribe to a business philosophy that emphasizes monetary gain at the expense of ethical behavior.

We represent our clients with the utmost responsibility, enthusiasm and dedication.  We value the characteristics of courtesy, fairness and honesty in dealing with, not only our clients, but all those involved, including opposing parties and counsel.  As a result, we will not advise a client to act improperly or without basis.

We realize that there are many attorneys to choose from and that trust should be earned.  We look forward to an opportunity to be of service and to advancing and protecting your interests.  In order to accomplish this goal, prospective clients are offered a no obligation,
free consultation.